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Very easy to renew or get your old furniture out of your hands now. The only thing you need specially selected for you the best color combination “home decor Chalky Very best of” Set !
Set of 2 home decor the best home decor is very chalky chalky very compatible with each other ultra velvety Matt acrylic paint 1 x 90 ml 50 ml very vintage chic home decor and contains wax.
* Very Chalky acrylic paint directly on the surface without sanding or primer apply 2 coats to any home decor. You can also apply your brush for a textured finish more in each direction.
Acrylic paint is very chalky home decor, vintage and shabby chic, which can easily be aged in order to obtain the views of a water-based, ultra-matte, velvety paint. Adhere easily to all surfaces, including slippery surfaces. Closes with one coat of color the most. It dries quickly.
* Create the vignetting effect in accordance with the desired brush or a clean cloth apply the wax on the surface with every vintage chic home decor.
Superior quality chic vintage home decor wax, creamy consistency, easy-to-use water-based wax and penetrates into the paint.
*Combination by applying the second color, which is more than the previous times as thin as leave to dry. Vintage sand with sandpaper cadence according to the image you want to achieve.
Thus, you will get the effect that you have requested an outdated and worn.
* A beautiful display of your furniture and Chic home decor Vintage for extra durability and high protection against everyday use with wax finish.
Cleaned with soap and water. Does not contain harmful substances. CE & EN 71 to conform to norms.
Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items
Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items