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Luminous objects, luminous and neon look adds.
Cadence decorative painting, home decor and general craft/hobby projects used for each purpose, premium quality acrylic paint.
Is water-based, does not contain toxic substances harmful to health. (CE & EN 71 to conform to norms).
Semi-matte is verniklener to the desired brightness can be reached. A wide range of colors, can be mixed with each other, the color gamut is available.
Long shelf life in the packaging that caters to different needs and with different weights.
Wood, mdf, raw ceramic, metal, stone and canvas can be used. Thanks to special pigments, high has the power to shutdown. Quality standards, Non-toxic,smooth and creamy that can be easy; can be easily cleaned with soap and water while it is wet.
Can be used on any surface: wood, mdf, canvas, plaster, papier-mache, resin, candle, wall, fabric, leather, styrofoam, ceramic, porcelain, polymer clay, watercolor paper, metal.
2. The Picture Is A Representation. The product packaging shows.

Showing 1 - 33 of 1257 items
Showing 1 - 33 of 1257 items